There’s An Oil Just For Me!

“All day long for all I need,
there’s an oil just for me!”

Written and Illustrated by: Angela Harders

As a mother that seeks to live a natural, alternative worldschooling lifestyle (quite different than most mainstream families), I have had difficulty finding great books that that accurately depict our beliefs and behaviors.

Whether it’s a Pigeon who has to go to school…

…or the Berenstain Bears who have to go to the doctor…

…they simply just don’t relate to us since we don’t do either.

So, I decided to write my own!

There’s An Oil Just For Me! is the first book in the “Crunchy Kid Series” about a kid that shares the many amazing uses for essential oils as she goes throughout her day.

The catchy and creative rhymes help children to remember the different ways that they can use essential oils too!

Comment a topic that you would like to be featured in the next book in the Crunchy Kid series.

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