• Episode 3: The Problem of Public School with Brenda Diaz

    Welcome to the Peaceful Worldschooling Podcast – Episode 3. “The Problem with Public School” featuring Public School Government Teacher and founder of The Red Lipstick Rebellion, Ms. Brenda Diaz. Brenda is a Social Studies teacher in Montgomery County, MD, with a passion for American History, Latin American History, and government. Her academic career began at Georgetown University, upon which after graduation, she applied her love of learning as a Spanish language teacher and Spanish Language Coordinator at a private school in DC. After her daughters were born, she decided to become a homemaker to her 3 beautiful girls: Josephine, aged 17; Julia-Christine, 13; and Kara, 6-years-old. Brenda believes in medical,…

  • Education

    Public School is Not Free

    Public school is NOT free. I first discovered this when I attempted to enroll my daughter in a Pre-K program in the school district where I taught while living in the neighboring county. “I’m sorry, how much?!” I blurted out while attempting to not spew coffee from my mouth. “Fifteen thousand two hundred and nine dollars,” the lady calmly stated through the phone. $15,209. For my daughter to attend a public Pre-K program. Public school is NOT free. While the average cost per student in the United States is $12,201 according to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau, states like New York pay $23,091 per student to attend public school. While…

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