Episode 3: The Problem of Public School with Brenda Diaz

Welcome to the Peaceful Worldschooling Podcast – Episode 3.

“The Problem with Public School” featuring Public School Government Teacher and founder of The Red Lipstick Rebellion, Ms. Brenda Diaz.

Brenda is a Social Studies teacher in Montgomery County, MD, with a passion for American History, Latin American History, and government. Her academic career began at Georgetown University, upon which after graduation, she applied her love of learning as a Spanish language teacher and Spanish Language Coordinator at a private school in DC. After her daughters were born, she decided to become a homemaker to her 3 beautiful girls: Josephine, aged 17; Julia-Christine, 13; and Kara, 6-years-old. Brenda believes in medical, religious, and educational freedom, and she is now fighting to maintain these God-given, natural-born rights in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

1:30 – How did Angela and Brenda meet?

6:27 – What was it like when you decided to take a stand for what you knew was right?

9:30 – What made you come to the decision to not wear a mask in your school?

9:40 – What happened when you walked into school without a mask and started the Red Lipstick Rebellion?

13:15 – How did you feel when you were walking out of school for the last time?

17:27 – What are the other teachers experiencing that are still in school operating under threats and coercion?

19:09 – Angela introduces the Power and Control Wheel as the basis for her book, Toxic Teaching

26:26 – Do you believe that it is possible to reform public education?

29:15 – What would children create if they were educationally free?

30:20 – How can I give my students freedom in spite of the curriculum?

31:10 – What do you observe regarding students’ reading and writing ability?

34:30 – Why did we get here?

44:00 – What would you want to say to the other students and teachers that are still trapped in the public school system?

51:45 – How can you support Brenda as she creates a new “Freedom Pod”?

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“The only way to stop abuse is to leave.” -Brenda Diaz

“I would rather have the responsibility of freedom than the stress of being under coercion and control.” -Brenda Diaz

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