Tales of a Toxic Teacher: Exposing the Cycles of Abuse Within Our Schools

Every teacher begins their teaching career with a desire to make a difference in the world through making a difference in the life of a child (or perhaps thousands of children). However, most teachers quit within the first five years. Why? Because toxic systems produce toxic results.

Tales of a Toxic Teacher shares the true story of some of the shocking experiences that happen behind the closed doors of a public school classroom. This inside look at the toxic schooling system reveals the cycles of abuse that impact both teachers and students alike with destructive and even deadly results.


To change the current paradigm of public education, a first step would be to read this book to understand the dynamics in public education that must be eradicated.

-Brenda M. Diaz, Teacher and Founder of The Red Lipstick Rebellion

A radical, new approach is desperately needed for education… This book is a much-needed first step to unraveling a thorny and hugely important issue which will have a ripple effect for decades to come.

-Clare Ford, Expert Education Coach and Founder of the Switched ON Academy

Angela’s conclusions do not paint a pretty picture [of the current state of the American “education” system], but it is a picture which we all need to take a long and careful look at if we hope to ever move the world from the way things are to the way things should be.

-Larken Rose, Author of The Most Dangerous Superstition


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